Jamboree On The Trail
JOTT 2002 Report

Saturday, May 11, 2002
Scouts Walking Together World Wide

Compiled by Dave Wiebe.

Jamboree On The Trail is an annual day for the World Scout Movement to hike together. All Scouts, whatever their age and wherever they may be in the world, are invited to participate in whatever way they can. Cubs and younger Scouting sections could visit a local nature trail as part of a weekend camp. A Scout Troop might check out a hiking trail while working on badge requirements. A Rover Crew might make a Service Project out of restoring or maintaining a hiking trail. In their own way, everyone will be hiking the same direction: towards a better future through Scouting. JOTT is held on the second Saturday of May each year.

Jamboree on the Trail has been in existence for five years. The next one will be Saturday, May 10th 2003. The vent can be used as a Group environmental day or as a linking activity like we do at my group, the 40th St Catharines, in Ontario, Canada. The Colony and Pack go hiking with the Troop and Company and get to spend the day out at camp. Even our Leader's get a little exercise.

Toronto, Canada

Twelve Cubs from the 65th Toronto Pack and another from the 3rd Toronto Pack, along with five leaders, hiked about nine kilometres along the Tommy Thompson Trail by the Humber River in Toronto. The outing included a Trail Bingo game and some stories about Hurricane Hazel and other history of the area. A fine time was had by all, ending in a Grand Howl and the award of the crests.

9th Abingdon Beaver Scouts

We had a really good walk in the bluebell wood (approximately 3 miles) with our Beavers this year — also dragged the rainbow Guides along too. During the walk the Rainbows presented a woodland seat and the Beavers nine Oak Saplings they had grown from acorns to the local councillor. Pictures were taken for the local press, so hopefully will raise a bit more awareness of the event for next year.

Mt Arawang, Canberra Nature Parks, Australian Capital Territory

The Tiwi Cub Pack from Badimara Group walked up Mount Arawang (765 m above sea level) at the back of Chapman on Saturday. We then walked along Cooleman Ridge, which is in the Canberra Nature Park. The Cubs were very interested in the water tower that they discovered. They had some interesting thoughts as to how the reservoir was filled with water and for whom the water was intended. They were also interested in the graffiti on the tower. In fact it was very artistic. A few of the Cubs, who did not race on ahead, were lucky enough to see kangaroos, wallabies and a joey. The views from the top were magnificent - on one side you looked over the Tuggeranong Valley, on the other side you looked back over Woden towards the city. The tripod and flag on the top of new Parliament House was visible as well as the fountain. The eight cubs and two leaders who went on this walk really enjoyed the afternoon in the sun.

2nd Grande Prairie Cubs, Canada

The scouts hiked into our camp on Friday evening and spent two nights camped out over the JOTT weekend. The Beavers and Cubs hiked in on the Saturday, and spent the day hiking and partaking in various activities. (It was a full day from 0900-1600, and we had some very, very tired youth by the end of the day!)

After a mass opening ceremony and breaking of the flags, all youth attended a "MAGIC Show". Beavers, Cubs and Scouts then separated and spent the day on age appropriate hikes and activities. One of the Cub activities was "Tree Growth Rings". We had a forestry educator come out to spend time with us discussing her "Tree Cookies" We also did a habitat hike with another forestry educator (Candace Boyne - no pictures!), and a "What to do if lost in the woods" segment hosted by Technical Search & Rescue. As you can see we tied this into a lot of badge and star work. At the end of the event, we handed out slips of paper to the leaders indicating which badge requirements were covered during the day-long event. Lots of hungry kids to feed.

Remember that events like these can't happen with out the fantastic volunteers around the world who bring this together and make it possible.

Troop 626, San Diego, California, USA

Submitted by Thom Holland.

This year we used the hike as part of our Spring Roundup. We invited any and all Webelos to join us on our hike up Iron Mountain to complete their requirement to visit a troop activity for their Arrow of Light award. The entire hike was about 6 miles, 3 miles up to the top of Iron Mountain. It was a beautiful, clear and cool morning. Each of our scouts took charge of Webelos den and lead them to the top. The hike went through the chaparral that is common to our area and then half way up you turn the corner and there is a spectacular view of San Diego County, all the way to the ocean. Once you reach the top, you can see all the way from the Mexican border to Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base.

The scouts loved the hike and many of the adults considered it a personal best just the make it to the top. One scouter was calling all of her friends that she had made it. Someone placed a mail box up there where you can enter a quick paragraph in a notebook. When all of us returned to the trail head, our Committee Chair had hot dogs, chips and ice cold sodas waiting for us. It was a very successful hike and recruitment outing. At the end, many of the boys and Scouters said that they were ready to join our troop that day. It is now February and about 1/3 of the cubs there that day have either crossed over into our troop or have made the commitment.